BUDO GALA is the best martial arts show on earth! Performing for over 20.000 spectators with the Shaolin Monks and martial arts legends in the Dortmund and Munich Olympic Halls is one of my career highlights! - Mike Chat


General Questions

When did BUDO GALA begin?
The first BUDO GALA was held in Essen, Germany… back in 1989.
Who is the owner?
Back in 1989, BUDO GALA started under the supervision of German organizers.
In 2011 though, Richard Vos (from The Netherlands) became the current owner.
When will the next BUDO GALA be held?
All the info you need to know, will be mentioned in the ‘About us / Upcoming Shows’ page… if the page is currently not available, it means we’re busy working on something but it’s not ready to be announced yet.
* Make sure you follow us through the different social media platforms (see the buttons at the upper right corner of the website), as usually that’s the place where we announce things first!

Event Questions

What has been your most successful show?
We have to say BUDO GALA 1994 has been our most successful so far.
It was held over the course of 3 days, with special guest Jean-Claude van Damme.
What has been your personal highlight?
Difficult to answer, since we enjoyed so many great moments over the last 25 years.
We don’t really have a specific preference of who we enjoyed working with most, but we can’t deny the fact that working with the likes of Jean-Claude van Damme, Chuck Norris, Bolo Yeung and Andy Hug has been an absolute privilege!

Performers’ Questions

I would like to perform at BUDO GALA, how can I get involved?
Please go to the ‘About us / Performing at BUDO GALA’ page, you will find all the necessary info there.

Merchandise Questions

What about merchandise?
We are definitely looking in to launching an official BUDO GALA merchandise collection, but not for the time being.
Right now our full focus lies on getting the BUDO GALA brand name back to where it belongs.
As soon as we’re back on track (hopefully rather sooner than later), we’ll look in to this.