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Martial Art Styles

Background info, origins, and other interesting facts…

The following list will give you an insight in various different martial art styles, and gives you a more in depth view of what each style tries to represent, and where it has its roots.
This should help you to form a better idea of what the differences between the various styles really are.
This list is by no means a complete list of ALL the martial art styles out there, instead we choose to keep it a minor list covering only the styles that we consider to be reasonably known.

* Please note, we use Wikipedia as the source for generating ALL info on each of the style-pages.
Therefore we are not to be held responsible, for any possible inaccuracies.
Also, most of the pages although available, are not yet completed (WIP – Work In Progress)… we will continue completing those pages bit by bit when time allows us.

Arnis (also known as; Eskrima, or Kali) (WIP)
Haidong Gumdo
Iaido (WIP)
Jeet Kune Do (WIP)
Judo (WIP)
Jujutsu (WIP)
Karate (WIP)
Kendo (WIP)
Kenpo (WIP)
Kickboxing (WIP)
Kobudo (WIP)
Krav Maga (WIP)
Kuk Sool Won (WIP)
Kung Fu (WIP)
Luta Livre (WIP)
Muay Thai (WIP)
Ninjutsu (WIP)
Nunchaku (WIP)
Pencak Silat (WIP)
Qigong (WIP)
Sambo (WIP)
Sanshou (also known as; Sanda)
Savate (WIP)
Shootboxing (WIP)
Sumo (WIP)
Taekkyeon (WIP)
Taekwondo (WIP)
Tai Chi (WIP)
Tang Soo Do (WIP)
Viet Vo Dao (also known as; Vovinam) (WIP)
Wing Chun (WIP)
Wushu (WIP)