BUDO GALA is the best martial arts show on earth! Performing for over 20.000 spectators with the Shaolin Monks and martial arts legends in the Dortmund and Munich Olympic Halls is one of my career highlights! - Mike Chat

BUDO GALA US; current status…

As most people who are following us, probably already know… mid 2015 we decided to shift our focus on putting our stamp on US territory.
For us this new project has been quite an adventure so far, it’s – without a doubt – the biggest, most time-consuming task we ever laid our hands on.
And yes, it does take a long long time for things to take shape, longer than we would have wanted… but that’s just the way things go, we have to remain patient.
We could have been there by now, but we’d rather not rush in to launching a half-baked show, just for the sake of being there, if we do something we want to make absolutely sure we do it the right way and are ready to take it by storm!
Rome hasn’t been built in 1 day, now has it?

1) Current status;
Right now, we’re in the middle of fine-tuning our marketing plans and after that things will gradually take shape.
There IS light at the end of the tunnel, as small as it might look at times… and bit by bit we’re getting closer to that light.
We have several scenario’s lined up, and are looking through every single one of them, to make sure we launch the best possible platform for making a successful US debut.

2) What’s next;
At this point we can’t give you any specific dates whatsoever on when we are ready (of course we have a realistic time frame that we follow, but we’ll keep that behind closed doors), but we WILL get there and when we do we’re there to stay for quite a while.
Launching a show isn’t that hard, many people can do that, launching a successful show ready to take on the future is quite a different story.
We’re not going to rush in to anything, we’ll launch BUDO GALA US when it’s ready to go… not a single day earlier.
‘Giving up’ is not part of our vocabulary, WE EXIST TO WIN, and we’re destined to live up to that.

We would kindly like to thank everyone for their patience and support, rest assured it will be well worth it in the end. 😉

* Obviously we still have a long bumpy road ahead of us, but we can assure you we’re here to stay, and we’re definitely not walking away from any though challenges crossing our path!