It’s been 23 years already… at the time I was attending numerous gala’s and I have kept an excellent memory of this trip to Dortmund. A warm welcome, a very professional and passionate organisation, a very diverse program and prestigious athletes. That year, I had the pleasure to perform on the same stage as the fabulous Jean Frenette from Quebec. Good continuation, and sincere friendships developed ever since. - Eric Pariset

Leaving Europe for what it is… at least for now

Since many people are wondering when the next BUDO GALA will take place and even wondering if BUDO GALA is still active…
Yes, we are still very much alive, BUDO GALA is gearing up and ready to take it to the next level!
It just takes a bit of time to get back to winning ways after the previous owner decided to take it easy for the last 10+ years.

– Back to the present though; we have decided to start focusing on the US for the next BUDO GALA.
Over the last 2 years we had quite a lot of changes going on behind the scenes, most recently we decided to have a complete overhaul internally which was required to prepare for new projects.
So yes, we are leaving Europe for what it is, at least for the time being… simply because we are convinced that the US offers us many more opportunities to rebuild the BUDO GALA brand and get back to where we belong; at the very top that is!!
That doesn’t mean BUDO GALA turned its back on Europe, but it’s simply not our priority at this moment, only time will tell when we will return to Europe.