I have performed on the BUDO GALA stage numerous times, each time the event has left a fantastic lasting memory for me. The shows are put together and promoted to the highest level, allowing unique opportunities for martial artists from all over the globe to showcase their skills and amazing talent to the public eye. The communication between performer and promoter is second to none and you are treated with the highest respect. The passion that Richard Vos and his team bring to each project is unbelievable, they are always pushing the boundaries and keeping one step ahead of the game. This is why BUDO GALA promotions have lasted so long and will still be here for many more years... - Joe Hallett

New BUDO GALA logo!!

[ 5 August 2016 ]

Entering a new era, requires a new logo!

We’re at the start of a new era, things are taking shape, and the loose pieces of the puzzle are bit by bit finally falling in place.
After having used the Eagle logo (see below, on the left) for the last 3 years, we found it was about time we changed our main logo.

Old vs. new Logo

With our new logo (see above, on the right) we went for a more minimalistic design, because we feel it puts the BUDO GALA brand name in a better spotlight.

The eagle logo was definitely a nice logo though, but in our opinion it takes away focus of the brand name itself.
Our new BUDO GALA logo puts the focus back to where it belongs; on the brand name, like it should!

– Anyway, other than the launch of a new logo there’s not that much to mention really… other than that we firmly believe we have chosen the right strategy that we need to bring us back to winning ways.

* We don’t have the illusion of being there yet, since we are very aware of the fact there’s still a long bumpy road ahead of us, but we’re definitely ready to take on this challenge!