I have performed on the BUDO GALA stage numerous times, each time the event has left a fantastic lasting memory for me. The shows are put together and promoted to the highest level, allowing unique opportunities for martial artists from all over the globe to showcase their skills and amazing talent to the public eye. The communication between performer and promoter is second to none and you are treated with the highest respect. The passion that Richard Vos and his team bring to each project is unbelievable, they are always pushing the boundaries and keeping one step ahead of the game. This is why BUDO GALA promotions have lasted so long and will still be here for many more years... - Joe Hallett


Bruce SISTAZ, performing their Creative Form during the semi finals of Britain’s Got Talent 2011.

Bruce SISTAZ, performing their Creative Form during the auditions of Britain’s Got Talent 2011.

Bruce SISTAZ are made up of two exceptionally talented sisters, Chloe Bruce, 30 and Grace Bruce, 22.
Bruce SISTAZ are an extreme martial arts performance duo, that combine fast action kicking & martial arts unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

Bruce SISTAZ formed around 3 years ago when the girls decided to team up as a double act, and have since performed on the Diversity Tour in 2010, Katie Price & Alex Reids wedding and one of their most memorable
moments was performing in front of Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith & Will Smith at the Karate Kid Premiere in London.

Team formed in


[ Chloe Bruce ]


Nationality: British
Date of Birth: 5 October 1983
Heigth: 5’6″ (1.69 m)
Hair: Long brown
Eyes: Hazel
Occupation: Professional martial artist


20 Years in Tang Soo Do

Rank: 4th Degree Black Belt


Chloe Bruce is known worldwide within the martial arts & entertainment industry & is currently the no.1 women’s Forms practitioner in the world today.
Starring in many movies, commercials, tv shows and Live shows all over the world, Chloe has been fortunate enough to work with some of the most inspiring people in her industry.
This includes the likes of Jackie Chan, Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez.
Chloe has been part of the Top Gear Live World Tour with presenters Jeremy Clarkson & Richard Hammond and was also touring throughout 2010 with Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity!


WKA World Champion / 1996-1999 / Worldwide
Swiss Open Champion / 1998-2000 / Switzerland
WKA British Champion / 1995-1999 / England
WAKO British Champion / 1997-2008 / England
French Open Champion / 2001-2005 / France
Irish Open Champion / 2001-2011 / Ireland
Charlie Lee’s Overall Champion / 2004 / USA
US Open Champion / 2004 / USA
Ocean State National Champion / 2004 / USA
Quebec Open Champion / 2005 / Canada
New England Open Champion / 2005 / USA

[ Grace Bruce ]


Nationality: British
Date of Birth: 20 March 1990
Height: 5’0″ (1.52 m)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Occupation: Professional Martial Artist


– Live Performances –

Street Fighter X Tekken Launch – Germany
Diversity Tour – UK
Katie Price & Alex Reid’s wedding – UK
Karate Kid Premiere – UK
Prince of Persia Premiere – UK
Formula 1 – Monaco
Siemens – Germany
FIFA Interactive World Cup – UK
Top Gear Word Tour – UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong
Transformers 2 premiere – Germany
Detroit Motor show – USA
Puma – Greece, Germany
ISPO Fashion Show – Germany, China
Metal Gear Solid Launch – Germany
GQ Mens style awards – Germany
Adidas – Germany, France, Austria
Golden Lily – Ukraine
Mini 50th Birthday – UK, France

– TV Performances –

[ Movies ]

World War Z
Clash of the Titans 2
Pirates of the Caribbean 4
Harry Potter
John Carter of Mars
Double Zero
The Purifiers

[ TV Shows ]

Britain’s Got Talent
Ross Kemp Short
Guinness World Records
Paul O’Grady
El Gong Show
When will I be famous
Graham Norton
Big Breakfast
Masters of Combat
This Morning

[ Commercials ]

Yellow Pages
Ant & Dec HD TV
Alexander Mcqueen
Ford Focus
Sugar Puffs
Honda Civic
Mineral Water
Celebrity Fit Club
Under Armour

[ Music Video’s ]

Envy – So solid Crew
Rewind – Cylob
An easier Affair – George Michael
Get up & move – Harvey ( So solid Crew) & Alesha Dixon

[ Motion Capture ]

Mirrors Edge
The Watchmen

– Press –

Radio Times
Sun Newspaper
Muscle & Fitness Magazine
Real People Magazine
Touch Magazine
Century Martial Arts
Daily Star
CEL Products
Image Library