As a performer at the BUDO GALA shows in Switzerland, Germany, France and Croatia we still have great memories of the shows, traveling and meeting other performers. So we are looking forward to a bright future and doing more shows together with BUDO GALA. - Swisstricks

Gemma Nguyen

Gemma Nguyen, performing her Open Hands Form at the French Open 2005.

Gemma Nguyen, performing her Weapons Form at the French Open 2005.


Nationality: Vietnamese / Chinese
Date of Birth: 26 October 1987
Height: 4’10” (1.25 m)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Professional martial artist / instructor / stuntwoman


17 years Tae Kwon Do
10 years Sports Karate
10 years Tricking


Over 100 national titles as well as 6 world titles