As a performer at the BUDO GALA shows in Switzerland, Germany, France and Croatia we still have great memories of the shows, traveling and meeting other performers. So we are looking forward to a bright future and doing more shows together with BUDO GALA. - Swisstricks


Hayashi, showing us his skills.


Nationality: Canadian
Date of Birth: May 28 1973
Height: 176 cm
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Occupation: University lecturer, mentalist, Samurai expert


Training in various different styles since 1982:
Kung Fu, Shotokan Karate, and Freestyle Kenjutsu.
(lived and trained in Japan for 2 years)

Rank: 3rd Degree Black Belt Shotokan Karate
* Rank earned at the Nihon Karate Kyokai (Japan Karate Association) Hombu Dojo (World Headquarter School) in Tokyo, Japan


– Weapon Forms –

2011 WKA World Champion – Karlsruhe, Germany


Katana Demonstrations
Extreme Cutting Demonstrations


– Live Performances –

Perfoming around the world since 2008; Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London, Carre Theater in Amsterdam, etc.

– TV Performances –

2008 – “The Next Uri Geller”, Germany
2008 – “De Nieuwe Uri Geller”, The Netherlands
2008 – “Fenomen Uri Geller”, Turkey
2009 – “De Nieuwe Uri Geller – Season 2”, The Netherlands
2010 – “X Factor”, Germany
2010 – “Britain’s Got Talent”, UK
2010 – “Das Supertalent” (Germany’s Got Talent), Germany
2010 – “Taking On The World”, Japan
2011 – “Legendarios”, Brazil
2011 – “Galileo”, Germany
2011 – “Living Las Vegas”, UK
2011 – “Cesko Slovensko Ma Talent” (Czech Republic and Slovakia’s Got Talent), Czech Republic, Slovakia

* Been seen by over 80 million television viewers worldwide…