It’s been 23 years already… at the time I was attending numerous gala’s and I have kept an excellent memory of this trip to Dortmund. A warm welcome, a very professional and passionate organisation, a very diverse program and prestigious athletes. That year, I had the pleasure to perform on the same stage as the fabulous Jean Frenette from Quebec. Good continuation, and sincere friendships developed ever since. - Eric Pariset

Performing at BUDO GALA

Getting involved with us…

Do you have what it takes, and do you think you earn the chance to perform with the very best out there?
We are always looking for new talent (whether you’re a team, or a solo performer), motivated and determined to reach the absolute world top!

What we expect from you:

BUDO GALA is the world’s #1 martial arts festival, and worldwide we have always been considered to be in a league of our own, due to our outstanding high level performances.
Over the years we had the privilege to work with some of the biggest names in martial arts history, such as; Jean-Claude van Damme, Chuck Norris, Bolo Yeung, Andy Hug, and many many more…

So yes, we are used to working with the absolute best!
Therefore we expect maximum effort from all our potential new applicants.
We put all our potential new applicants trough a strict selection procedure, to make sure all the parties involved know exactly what to expect from each other and are happy with the outcome.

– Bring it on!

If you think you have what we’re looking for, than please do not hesitate and feel free to get in contact with us.

You can do so by sending us an e-mail.

– We look forward to hearing from you.