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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

How is BUDO GALA's business set up?

The brand name 'BUDO GALA' is part of a license, held by BUDO GALA B.V. (Dutch chamber of commerce number: 77401484). All contracts and/or duties are carried out through BUDO GALA B.V. at all times, without any exceptions of any kind.

When did BUDO GALA begin?

The first BUDO GALA was held in Essen, Germany… back in 1989.

Who is the owner?

Back in 1989, BUDO GALA started under the supervision of German organizers. In 2011 though, Richard Vos (from The Netherlands) became the current owner.

When will the next BUDO GALA be held?

Everything you need to know, will be mentioned on our main page… if nothing is announced yet, it means the next show is being planned.

* Also make sure you follow us through the different social media platforms (see the 'Connect'-button in the menu), so you are well informed of our activities!


Event questions

What has been your most successful show?

We have to say BUDO GALA 1994 has been our most successful so far. It was held over the course of 3 days, with special guest Jean-Claude van Damme.

What has been your personal highlight?

Difficult to say really, since we enjoyed so many great moments since we first started in 1989. We don't really have a specific preference of who we enjoyed working with most, but we can't deny the fact that working with the likes of Jean-Claude van Damme, Chuck Norris, Bolo Yeung and Andy Hug has been an absolute privilege!


Performers' questions

I would like to perform at BUDO GALA, how can I get involved?

Please get in contact with us through our 'Contact'-page.


Fun fact

BUDO GALA has its own music

For BUDO GALA 2010 we had the honor of having our very own music composed by a professional artist. None other than the German singer Aino Laos composed 2 special songs for the occasion, one titled "The Everlasting Flame", the other "The Greatest Love".

Both songs were exclusively written and composed for BUDO GALA 2010, and therefore never made it to the commercial market. BUDO GALA however holds the exclusive rights to commercially use and/or sell these songs at any given time, so who knows... we might actually make these songs available for consumers one day.

Merchandise questions

What about mechandise?

We are definitely looking in to launching an official BUDO GALA merchandise collection, but not for the time being. Right now our full focus lies on getting the BUDO GALA brand name back to where it belongs. As soon as we’re back on track (hopefully rather sooner than later), we’ll look in to this.

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