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COVID-19 update:

COVID-19 update: "We will NOT support a possible testing society"

As we all know, 2020-2021 have had a great impact on everyone, not only on our personal lives, but also on a professional level. Many people are having a difficult time dealing with the COVID-19 restrictions, and many companies are going down the drain, in fact many of them already have. The COVID-19 'pandemic' has had an irreversible impact on everyone, no matter on what side you are (being in favor or against the restrictions).


Many countries are now developing strategies in order to open up their businesses again, because they can no longer stand aside and watch everything get destroyed. Theaters, cinema's, pubs, restaurants, events, etc. are now all busy developing personalized strategies in order to open up again, as far as the guidelines of their respective local governments allow them to.


BUDO GALA's standpoint

For those of you wondering when and if BUDO GALA is making its long-awaited comeback (originally planned to take place on February 20th, 2021): we will only come back after COVID is COMPLETELY GONE... we will UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES participate in a possible testing society!

(we refuse to join the game of divide and conquer)


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and we respect every single one of you...

Others might think differently about the following matter and that's perfectly fine, we can only speak for ourselves:

We personally do not believe that by just blindly following government orders, and switching off our logical thinking ability we will get our normal lives back. By doing so we believe you're part of the problems we're currently facing and even help keeping them intact and/or making it even worse. Although it seems like COVID-19 is currently wearing off a little, we believe it will stay around and continue to dominate our lives for much longer... that is, unless we all take a stand and decide that 'enough is enough'. We believe our governments don't act in our best interests, in fact they run their own agenda, otherwise the world would not look like it does right now. A so called 'pandemic' that has the exact same IFR-rating as an average season-flu (that has magically disappeared btw), would have never put us in the situation we are currently in, otherwise we would have had these restrictions and lockdowns for at least 10 years.

We stand for voluntary testing and/or vaccination at all timesand although the global narrative tries to make us believe we are responsible for each other's health (this is obviously a mindgame, to make one feel guilty about themselves), we think we are perfectly capable of deciding for ourselves whether or not it's safe to go out, something we always did. Whether you're tested and/or vaccinated or not, it's a personal choice... and whether we agree with this choice or not, one should NEVER be excluded from participation in society. If people are afraid to be around one another, they are free to stay at home, like they have always done in the past.


We at BUDO GALA are definitely not happy the way our society develops, and we refuse to support a system that we believe is causing humanity more harm than it does any good.

What's next?

We clearly have not the slightest idea when this COVID 'pandemic' will be gone, and what the future might hold. We also have no idea what life after COVID will look like, what the events industry will look like, what options we have in organizing events, etc.. We can only pray and hope for a positive outcome in the end, an outcome that suits us all.


• Hopefully we can all see each other again, rather sooner than later!

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