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New sub-project: 'MabCredit'

Since the last 2 years have been quite difficult for all of us due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 'pandemic' (we at BUDO GALA still have our hands tied at this very moment) we have been looking for other ways to stay active. We did find something new... and although it has nothing to do with martial arts whatsoever, we still want to share this with you since we believe it could benefit each and every one of you.

The project we have been involved with since late March 2022 actually generates a new source of income, and although it does work when you decide to stay passive, it generates the most profit when you are actively involved. It's called 'GIG-OS' and you can read all about it by clicking on the 'MabCredit' menu button.

• We genuinely hope you consider reading through the info on the MabCredit page, and it would be great if you decide to get involved as well.
Let's support each other in these difficult times!

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