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Reinventing ourselves

Reinventing ourselves

Making a good comeback is not an easy thing to do after not having done a big show since 2010. The current COVID 'pandemic' does not really make it any easier for us either since everyone is struggling to keep their business going. Our initial plan was to make our comeback early 2021, but due to the uncertain times we live in right now, we decided it would be better to sit this one out until the COVID 'pandemic' wears of. We are very much determined to do this the right way, therefore we are focusing on the bigger picture, and areas in which we need to improve ourselves. Building on our image is a huge part of this comeback journey, realizing that times have changed drastically and social media these days is a much bigger thing than it was 10 years ago. We do not consider this situation a showstopper, in fact it gives us even more dedication to improve our overall skill set making us stronger in the end.

We are looking forward to take our game to the next level.

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