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Meet the Team

Richard Vos - Budo Gala

Richard Vos

Position: Owner and CEO

Operational since: 1 June 2011


Richard Vos made his first footsteps in the martial arts scene back in 1993, practicing both Judo (for only a few months) and Jiu Jitsu until 2004. As a 14 year old he already knew that martial arts was 'his thing' and that one way or another he would make his profession out of it. From within, he felt like living an average life like anyone else (no offense) was just not what he was destined to do. The fact that society expects everyone to follow the same guidelines, doesn't necessarily mean you need to follow those exact chapters… we only live once don't we? If you have a (realistic) dream in life, make sure you start chasing that dream and try and make it a reality.

Having faced many obstacles on his path already, and very much aware of the many that probably still lie ahead... but that's life. If you want to achieve something extraordinary, you need to be willing to hit rock bottom - because that will happen at some point -, stand up and start reinventing yourself.

If you don't have that extreme drive to make your dreams come true, you will not make it to the next level. Life will have no mercy on you, so you'd better be ready… because it will put you to the test many, many times on your way up!


"Never settle for average, when you were born to stand out!"



Dennis Veldhuizen - Budo Gala

Dennis Veldhuizen

Position: General Project Manager

Operational since: 1 July 2020

Dennis Veldhuizen has always been busy working in or with the entertainment industry. Starting out writing scripts and filming his own tv programs for the Dutch BNN channel he then started his own company. Within this company, called Entertain-Dom, Dennis created many websites for a lot of different companies around the world. Beside creating the websites, he also took on the job to promote the websites and/or companies on all the current social media platforms. Starting out on websites such as the Dutch Hyves, but also the then well known and much used website MySpace. Dennis is always working on his social media skills, following several trainings each year and is always on top of the current trends. This being Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube at the moment. Besides working on social media trends, Dennis is also a skilled video and photo editor working with programs like Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Magix Vegas PRO and Adobe Photoshop.

Dennis is also active in the comedy scene, working as a standup comedian and is actually working on a one-man show at the moment. As far as working on creating websites and social media campaigns, Dennis has been doing it since 1996 and has never stopped doing this. In the beginning, the internet was not as huge and big as it is now so Dennis also knows a lot about offline campaigns. Recently he and BUDO GALA owner Richard met each other and found out they have many similar hobbies and thoughts of how BUDO GALA should be experienced as well as promoted.

During the early 2000's Dennis also started his own entertainment website, where he interviewed many celebrities such as Will Smith, Paul Walker, Jason Biggs and Britney Spears. All of these experiences ensured Dennis knows the entertainment industry like his back pocket and is never afraid to back down or take specific risks. Making sure a social media campaign succeeds is always his goal, a goal he always fulfilled.

"Now is the time for BUDO GALA to shine and make it a smash hit!"



Janine Doeven - Budo Gala

Janine Doeven

Position: Management Assistant

Operational since: 1 October 2019

Janine is a driven young lady determined to make things happen. That is why she joined the BUDO GALA team as our management assistant. The love for martial arts has always been there, it is the only sport she ever truly liked. She is motivated to take things to the next level as Richard has shown her the passion and love for this branch.

From being a model, promotor and management assistant Janine has a lot to offer and has many more talents to show such as accountancy, social media marketing and a bunch of humor. Janine's life motto: "Growth begins at the end of your comfort zone". Janine has seen and experienced a lot, that's why quitting is never an option for her. She is quick in resolving things and has a kind heart.


"Life is a journey, not a destination!"

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